Start Here

August 28, 2019

Hi, I’m Peter Prescott.

I’m hard to put in a box.

I was born in the Philippines, lived in Singapore for more than a decade, and went to boarding schools in Malaysia and South India. My parents now work in Vietnam, my brother lives in the USA, and my mother-in-law is a teacher in Kenya. I am nevertheless quite English.

I’m married to the beautiful Taryn Leia Prescott, and we have three exuberant children. Most evenings we eat together at six o’clock. I believe that eating together is one of the most holy things anyone can do – so if you’re in town, then you’re welcome to invite yourself to dinner!

But enough about me, let’s talk about you!

In particular – that seed of faith you have in your heart to take a risk and change the world.

Do whatever is in your heart. I’m with you heart and soul.

1 Samuel 14:7

I believe that every single individual human person is a well of barely-tapped potential. As a Christian, this comes as a trivial corollary of the biblical doctrine of imago dei – humanity is, individually and corporately, the image of God. But you don’t necessarily have to believe in God for it to hold true! (Though existentially it helps to know that your value is properly grounded.) And this means that your creativity, your rationality, your desires, and your choices, are all powerful and significant.

I also believe that reality is essentially relational. Everything’s relative – but that doesn’t mean anything’s meaningless; in fact, it means everything is personal. Again, this is a corollary of another biblical doctrine: the Trinity. If fundamental reality – ‘God’ – is essentially pure interpersonal love, then the moralists and the materialists are both equally wrong. God isn’t an axiom (whether religious or philosophical) that one need simply choose whether or not to accept. God is a Father waiting for you to turn back to Him, so that He can welcome you back into the courts of heaven and anoint you with the oil of joy.

And when we discover our true identity in the light of ultimate reality, then we’re set free from the rat race into the glorious freedom of self-forgetfulness. Then we can start doing the things we were made to do. That’s why, after university I spent seven years training teams of youthful Christians to engage with some of the world’s most pressing needs: the refugee crisis in Greece, modern-day slavery in India, rebuilding society in post-genocidal Rwanda. I’m now doing a PhD in Geographic Data Science, in which I’ll be developing a public geodemographic classification of the streets of Britain – which I hope might help us see more clearly the nature of the social problems around us that need solving.

But I’m always up for a crazy side project, so whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur or an activist, let me know what is in your heart to do. And I’ll cheer you on and give you whatever help I can!