Some Bold Street Bookshops

July 9, 2018

News From Nowhere

Named after William Morris’ novel News From Nowhere, about a socialist utopia (I bought a copy and had it signed by Kate, who was at the desk), this is a left-wing bookshop that knows what it believes and isn’t ashamed to let you know it. It is staffed by a co-operative of six women who make all the major decisions collectively. At the front there are flyers for various socialist/LGBT/pro-Palestine events.

Pauline Books & Media

Pauline Books & Media is a ministry of the Daughters of St Paul, a Roman Catholic women’s movement, whose mission is to use modern media to multiply the communication of the Gospel and the teaching of the Church. And this mission is not narrowly construed: they seemd to be selling as many books by evangelical Anglican NT Wright (including his new biography of Paul) as by anyone else.

Dig Vinyl

Not a bookshop, but a second-hand record-shop run by Carl (‘I was there at the start of the Liverpool hip-hop and rave scenes’) and his daughter Yvonne. In the basement of Soho’s eclectic clothes shop, with a vegan cafe called Chickpea.


World Champion of the Charity Shops, selling clothes and books. Shamelessly claiming in its window that volunteers were ‘urgently needed’. They have republished a book of Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories in aid of their work. I bought a copy and had it signed by Margaux, from France, who was working at the desk.