Bits I've Written That Might Be Revelant.

February 6, 2020

(2012-February). ‘Why Blog?’.
In which I suggest five reasons why Christians should blog.

(2018-June). ‘Tree of Life: Some Thoughts’.
A slew of ideas for rejuvenating Gladstones/Tree-of-Life Bookshop.

(2018-May). ‘How To Read’.
A biblical consideration of Careful Reading and Carefree Non-Reading.

(2018-July). ‘Some Bold Street Bookshops’.
Notes from an afternoon’s visit.

(2018-October). ‘Prayerletter: Life of Prayer’.
Explanation of the vision for a House of Prayer in a Bookshop.

(2019-January). ‘Five Proposals for the Bookshop’.
These are still valid and relevant to any ministry selling books.

(2019-February). ‘New Wineskins for New Wine’.
In which I resign from my role at Tree of Life/Gladstones Bookshop.

(2019-February). ‘Proposal for a New Bookshop’.
The Why and the Inspirations are still particularly relevant.

(2019-September). ‘Prayerletter: Back To School’.
Explanation of shift from pursuing House-of-Prayer/Bookshop to PhD.

(2020-January). ‘Prayerletter: God of Loose Ends’.
Explanation of shift to Salvation Army Stoneycroft.